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A Dynamic New Tool to Help Teenagers & Young Adults Avoid or Overcome Addiction

Hollywood doesn't have to be part of the problem. It can be a big part of the solution.


With the TEEN & YOUNG ADULT MOVIE GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL SOBRIETY, kids can make the simple and routine act of watching movies—something they do all the time anyway—into a highly-beneficial, purposeful activity that helps them avoid or overcome addiction challenges, and win big at long-term sobriety.

Each chapter features story synopses, character analyses, entertaining thought experiments (see some below), and therapeutically-validated questionnaires centered around a popular movie that features characters who struggle with different addictions, but find the inner strength to overcome them.

As young people start to see their own experiences reflected in the characters and stories in these movies, they begin a dynamic process of self-identification and vicarious learning that leads to better decision-making. Decision-making you can then positively reinforce as a parent, teacher, mentor, or caring adult.

Ideal for teens or young adults to use individually or in groups at whatever stage of their addictive behaviors: Just experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs, in or out of treatment, or recovering on their own with family and peer support and/or professional help. 

A powerful new resource for Alternative Peer Groups (APGs), Collegiate Recovery Programs, and Recovery High Schools to use as curriculums and in movie screenings and group discussion.

“I come from a family with a history of addiction and I’m glad that my film THE GOOD HOUSE is included in this book and is a source of encouragement and support for everyone working hard to recover successfully.”

- Sigourney Weaver, AVATAR I & II, ALIEN, ALIENS, Multiple Oscar Nominee

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Movie Thought Experiments

BEAUTIFUL BOY_edited.jpg

Inspired by the movie BEAUTIFUL BOY

If continuing to consume hard drugs guaranteed that you would never attend or finish college, would you keep using?

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